Past Clients

Clients who have completed their move on


Sara came to the DV project in March 2011 and was one of our first residents to the unit.

On moving to the area, Sara concentrated on getting better through the help of a new local GP. And focusing on the good aspects of her life.

Through the peer support and some on site counselling, one year on Sara has the goal to get her own council flat.

Sara Says that ‘ I am happy with my own support worker and counsellor because is giving me the best thing I could ever ask for, the strength to believe in my self.’

Sara has since moved on into her own independent accommodation.



Taran with his new landlord

Taran came to us from the Cardinal Hume Centre.

He spent 6 months in a bedsitting room before being invited to a house share with 3 other men.

The new house is one step away from independent living and it wont be long before Taran has his own place.

Here he is shaking hands with his new landlord.



Paul came as a referral from the Cardinal Hume Centre as he was ready to move on into more independent accommodation.

Paul was ready for a bit more independence so came to stay in one of our final stage houses in Lambeth.

Paul is originally from Southampton and has mild LD.  His original Lambeth project was closed as the Landlord wanted the property back, so Paul had to move to our Plumstead project.

‘The move was a lot of stress as my mates in the house ware all split up.’  I have settled in South East but would prefer to move back to Lambeth.

Paul will soon be looking for his own independent accommodation in the Lambeth area.



Umberto-8x10Umberto first became homeless in 2004 and since then was staying with family but also had long periods of  rough sleeping.  Umbertos and was referred in 2011 to us by St Martins in the Field and 2Step when sleeping rough in the Strand Westminster for 3 Months. Umberto finds it difficult to read and write and has never worked but was unable to access disability benefits. He also owed £1500 to the social fund that limited him from accessing further funds to cover a deposit for a room.  A history of offending also limited his options.  Within 3 months of being housed by LHT we assisted with his claim for ESA, reconnected him with his family and assisted him to obtain a GP.  He is now doing very will and volunteers for LHT.  He is also a house rep passing on his knowledge to new clients  at LHT.




Niki is new to Cliff House and has recently been elected Chair of the Client Involvement Committee.

Niki has the role of ensuring that all the clients views are heard.

She will champion the client voice and has been volunteering with Working Chance and has been  promoting their valuable service.

Niki is looking forward to working with the rest of the board who was duly elected in Jan 2015.

Well done Niki!



Marley came to us a a young man in need of accommodation.

He was homeless and needed assistance with moving on.

Marley was assessed by Bromley council and was placed in the highest group.

Within 18 months Marley moved on into council accommodation.

Good luck Marley!



Paul came to London from Newcastle in 2009 to live with his girlfriend.  That relationship broke down and Paul found himself homeless on the streets of London.

After 18 months living rough Paul was signposted to the TWO STEP project, part of Hope World Wide.  They assessed Paul and passed his details on to us.

We were happy to house Paul in one of our private leased flats.  Paul found voluntary work as a security guard.

Within a year Paul reconnected with family and moved back to Newcastle





Len came to us and stayed in the project for about 6 months before finding his own move on accommodation.
Len found himself homeless after clashing with a noisy neighbour.  After sleeping rough he as referred via Hope World Wide.

We initially offered Len a room in a shared house but soon found him a one bed flat in Greenwich.  Len preferred to be in North London so we helped him to find accommodation.  One of the challenges was that to secure the accommodation he had to move quickly so we completed his 2 homes housing benefit on his behalf.

Len found that his new flat was very noisy so he came back to one of our Woolwich project.  Len shortly after went missing and we were devastated to here that Len had taken his own life.

Len has been laid to rest in the St Martins in the Field Burial ground.  R.I.P Len you are always in our prayers.





Ed Has been with us for many years now in his one bedroom flat.  Ed is one or our house managers and is the chair of our service users forum.

He reports to the board at the quarterly trustee meeting and always have a view on the development and future of the Trust.

Ed is also a part time volunteer at the Cutty Sark and works with us in our office assisting us to manage the association.

Ed can tell you a thing or to about client participation and is always on hand to assist with setting up events.

He is also looking for other voluntary opportunities so if any other not for profit organisations want a hand Ed is your man!


Miguel and Idoya

Miguel-and-IdoiaMiguel and Idoya came from Spain looking for work.

They enrolled on ESOL courses but could not find work and soon ran out of money.

They were referred to us from 2Step after bedding down in Westminster.

We provided them with a room in our St Johns project.

Soon after they moved on into there own self contained accommodation after finding work.

We believe they are now back in Spain.



Bob came to LHT as a referral from the Big Issue.  Ex military man Bob Served four terms with the armed forces fighting for our country as well working at BT as the head chef serving up to 5000 hungry customers daily.   After a spell of homelessness Bob moved to our  Tulse Hill Project in Lambeth.  After 2 years moved on with his new wife!

We recently heard back from Bob and he’s doing great!   Good luck Bob we think of you often!



Cliff Smalley

Cliff Smalley

Cliff came to us after 3 years of sleeping rough & sofa-surfing, following the break-up of his marriage.

Cliff is trying to get his life back on track. He wants to get his life back together, so he can spend quality time with his children & grand-children.

Cliff’s aim is to eventually get back into full-time work.

He is also hoping to soon start a computer course with Greenwich on-line.

Cliff moved on into his own independent accommodation.



Patrick moved to Lambeth after being released from prison.

Patrick was looking to re-intergrate himself into society with evening classes held locally.

He planned to take some voluntary roles at LHT in our Lewisham resource center as part of his support plan.

Patrick worked hard on his recovery and focused on his move on.

Patrick moved on into his own independent accommodation.

Mohammed (Ricky)



Ricky came to us as a self referral.  Ricky was sleeping rough on the buses since coming to London some time ago.

Ricky was in a care home for much of his early life and has a history of mental illness.

Ricky recently moved from a room in a shared house into one of our semi independent flats.

Ricky was looking for some voluntary work and was recently been instrumental in organising the summer BBQ events held in Greenwich.
Ricky suddenly left the service and so if your looking at this site your most welcome to come back just drop us a line.


Cathy moved on to her own independent accommodation in 2013.

Cathy used to run a homeless hostel until she became homeless.

Because of her skills and experience Cathy volunteered in our maintenance department while she was with us.

We here from Cathy from time to time and is maintaining her flat.

Cathy is currently working in the field of facilities management.



Mike has became homeless after splitting up with his girlfriend of 8 years.

Mike has no immediate family and after the loss of his relationship became depressed and was unable to function at work.

Mike lived rough for 4 years in Portsmouth and on occasion sofa surfed with friends.  The Citizens Advice Bureau  referred Mike to TWO STEP who refereed him to us.

Mike is a highly skilled composite assembler who has worked assembling helicopter parts for FPK a supplier to BAE. Mike hopes to move back into work when he is ready and start a family.



Bruno was released from the Immigration Services.  He has only one month to prove that he will make a valuable contribution to society if he is to be given the opportunity to remain in the UK.

Within one week of joining our After Prison Service he has been connected with the benefits, GP and local services.  We also provided Bruno with a loan to obtain a laptop computer so he can better develop his business ideas.

In the second week he will enroll on the E=MC2 programme by the Small Business Consultancy.

He has also expressed an interest in starting a Community Interest Company that will provide translation services.  Of course we are helping him with that too!   Unfortunately Bruno lost his right to stay in the UK and is currently in Portugal.




Yuwanthida is one of our house guest for young mums to-be.

We typically support them from 6 months into their pregnancy to 3 months after giving birth and we support them through this process. Assisting them to move into there own independent accommodation.  There is a full staff on hand.

These young ladies come to us from a variety of referral  sources and Yuwanthida came from the HACTRAC scheme from Greenwich Council.

Yuwanthida is well on her way to giving birth and is actively biding for a property on the councils. When these ladies give birth we ensure they are transferred  into band B so there move into independent accommodation is fast tracked.



Peter Kerner

Peter came to us as a referral from Greenwich Council.  An ex-offender Peter was homeless on release.

Being in care at an early age caused Peter to develop anger issues and lead to his time in prison.

has been a Elmdene road so some time now and is working well with his key worker and others in the house.

We expect Peter will move on to his own place in time.




Billie Bickley, joins our Safe Place project.  Billy is an ambassador for the The Big Issue and comes to stay with her dog.

Billie was brought up in Coventry. ‘My mum kicked me out when she was 14, so I caught a train and ended up in Euston. I was hooked on crack and heroin for the next 17 years.’

The Big Issue Foundation persuaded Billie to move into a hostel and with the help of the outreach team she managed to get clean, and has been ever since.

After a relationship breakdown Billie has decided to live independently and now assists us with volunteering work and mentoring other clients who have a dependency.



Desmond has recently joined our After Prison Project for ex offenders with a history of mental illness. After spending 17 years in  in Psychiatric hospitals and prison a lot of support is required  adjusting to the outside world.

Desmond lives in a small terraced house and is now interested in helping others like himself.

Were working with local mental health providers to provide additional support funded by the Local Community Mental Health Team and assertive outreach to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.  The Section 117 funding enables us to fund Desmond in this difficult time.

This is a pilot project and we hope to help a lot more like Desmond in the future.

in 2012 Desmond left the service after suffering an attack on the streets of London that left him needing 24hr care.  We wish him and his family well.



James was first referred to us by hope world wide in 2008 just after he was released from a short time in prison.  He stayed with his aunt for a couple of weeks but had to leave because of a breakdown in the family relationship .  He was sofa-surfing, and sleeping rough in a park bench before he came to us.  After some good progress James moved on into independent accommodation later that same year.  Unfortunately this  unsupported accommodation failed after a few months and James returned to us in 2009.  We help Jimmy with his benefit claims, keeping hospital and doctors appointments and assist him with reading and writing an cooking him an evening meal.

Jimmy has now moved to the After Prison Project where he fully intends to complete a detox and community rehab.



Phil was sleeping rough in the west end from December 2010.  In October 2011 Phil joined us to live in our Brockley project.

He has been out of trouble for over a year now and is busy rebuilding his life.  Phil is keen to help out and was recently elected house manager.

Phil also has the prestige of the first of our clients to get involved with our partnership with ‘My Social Enterprise’ initiative and has helped us set up the first of our projects A1 Clearance Ltd.

Well done Phil!!!




German was referred to us by 2Step based in Westminster.  German is pronounced ‘Herman’ by is known as ‘German’ in the projects.  He was homeless in Westminster after coming to London in 2004.

An Argentinian national German had lost contact with his family and friends but with our help has now reconnected with his family in Argentina and we hope this works out well.

German is now ready to make the changes needed for independent living and will soon be offered move on accommodation into a one bed flat.


Jim-5x7Jim used to be in one of our Woolwich Projects and has come to Brockley House to get a new start out of the area.

In the time between the projects Jimmy was sofa surfing and staying with relatives.

He has fully engaged with the new service now and fully intends to register with the CRI with a view to engaging with a Detox program.

Jimmy has joined our in house maintenance team since he is an experienced painter.  He will advise us on maintenance issues in our Brockley Project and has decided to represent the house at the regular board meetings.



Felix came to us as a referral from 2step part of the Hope WorldWide charity. Felix has a history of being a victim of domestic violence and had limited skills in maintaingin a tenancy.  He had outstanding rent arrears which is why he lost his previous tenancy.

As a former refugee Felix had limited English, he received his JSA by personal issue since his did not have a bank account.  From the start of the tenancy he has had difficulty maintaining his rent payments.

We are working with Felix by encouraging him to engage with the house activity.   Felix has become a mentor to other tenants with similar problems and by this is coming to terms with his own problems.

Felix will soon be moving on to his own independent accommodation.



Lee was a very successful builder who retired to Thai land. Shortly after lost all his savings in a business deal that went wrong.  He ended up in a Thai prison, and after 4 months came back to the UK broke and homeless.

 The recession didn’t help and the stress caused him to develop health problems. One triple heart bypass later and Lee found himself homeless again.

Jason is now slowly rebuilding his life. And part of that is the close involvement with others in the project.



Zeki came to our Woolwich project after a spell of rough sleeping in 2009. He lost his previous accommodation because of drink and gambling problems. He was unemployed over a year and came to London with the hope of finding work, and became homeless.

He was living in a derelict council flat when he approached 2step a charity for rough sleepers in Westminster. We have provided Zak with supported accommodation since he came to us in Feb2010 and Zak’s health has since improved greatly.

He is rebuilding his life and will soon start ‘2nd Chances’ our Furniture Removals project when funding is obtained.



Carly-Ann has had a chaotic lifestyle which led to her losing her flat in west London.

She was referred to us by Lewisham Mental Health Team and with the support of her fellow residents has started to settle down and start interacting with the services in Lewisham.

Soon after joining us we were able to accommodate Carley into one of our ‘move on’ flats and she soon put work into reconecting with her family.

Carley moved into her own independant accommodation in 2012.


Antionio’s Story


Antonio came to us from the ODAAT project  to detox from Subutex and is grasped this opportunity with both hands by  completing his detox in only 2 months.

While at the After Prison project he worked with the Volunteers Centre Lewisham and proved to be an excellent house guest by getting evolved in all the activity’s and filling his day with useful tasks.

He was on his way into education and training. When he decided to move on into independent living.

Antonio has moved on into his self contained flat.
He came to us from  and has moved on after only 2 months at the project!
See the short Video of his experiences below.



Well Done Antonio!




Michael was rough sleeping around Greenwich since 1999.  Has spent time in prison and has been on benefits all his life. He once has a council flat but this was closed down and he was made homeless. He is unable to work due to the stress and depression from living on the streets for such a long time.

Since joining the project in June 99 Michael is coming to terms with his living on the streets.  Through peer support he is stating to obtain some help and has had an assessment with the Crime Reduction Initiative (CRI).

Michael completed  drug rehab placement in 2001 and hopes to one day complete a course as a drug counselor.


Andrew moves into his flat today!

Andrew has been with us for 10 months now and now the wait for a one bed flat has come to an end with the help of Scots Care he is moving to Wimbledon.  See below Andrews Video.

Stories to come…